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Department Name Information Technology Development Agency (ITDA), Department of Information and Science Technology, Government of Uttarakhand

Government Of Uttarakhand had registered a society named “Uttaranchal EGovernance Initiative Project Management Unit” which now functions as State’s Nodal Agency for Information Technology Development Agency (ITDA). The ITDA is an independent and autonomous body to guide and monitor various projects and provide expert inputs, monitor, evaluate and execute State’s IT initiatives and projects under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP).

The Government of Uttarakhand intends to harness the full power of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for improving the quality of life of its citizens, bring in accelerated social and economic development, ensure transparency in the Government decisions, accelerate the IT adoption amongst various user segments – all leading to an ideal e-society model through efficient, Service oriented, cost-effective, information networked, eco-conscious, and with year-on-year growth approach.

ITDA is an independent and autonomous body under the Government of Uttarakhand. In order to achieve the goal of Digital Uttarakhand, ITDA will guide and monitor various Information and Communication Technology (ICT) projects for the implementation.

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