e-Services (Apuni Sarkar): Citizen Centric Services

In view the challenges faced by the citizens and the Government in citizen centric service delivery, ITDA, Department of information and Science Technology, Government of Uttarakhand has introduced Citizen Centric Service delivery platform eServices “Apuni Sakar” to enable all citizen centric services under one umbrella.
“Apuni Sakar” with a vision to transform state into a digitally empowered society delivery of citizen centric services with the “Faceless, Paperless, Cashless” manner under one umbrella. Ultimately, the goal is to introduce transparent and efficient system covering all facet of Govt. sectors, State, District and Tahsil HQ.
“Apuni Sakar” Project intend to provide Government services to citizens through e-District Center, Common Service Centers (CSC) and Individual User. Services from different departments are brought under one umbrella. It utilizes backend computerization to e-enable the delivery of services and ensures transparency and uniform application of rules. The project involves integrated and seamless delivery of services to public by automation. In a nutshell “Apuni Sakar” is a tailor-made program for minimizing effort and time to provide prompt and effective services to the public.
Visit: https://eservices.uk.gov.in
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