• Encourage the use of IT in the Government not only as a tool for management and decision support systems but also to re-engineer the processes of the government to provide a more efficient, transparent, accountable and responsive government to its citizens.
  • To upgrade the quality of life of citizens of the State by facilitating easy access to consumer applications of IT.
  • To encourage private sector initiatives for the development of world class IT infrastructure adequate for the needs of the citizens, the industry and the government.
  • To upgrade and develop manpower skills required for the IT industry and to accelerate the use of IT in schools, colleges and other educational institutions with a view to providing skills and knowledge to the youth so as to render them fit for employment in this industry.
  • To use IT as GDP driver by promoting IT industry in the State, developing the State as an attractive IT destination with a view to generating employment for youth in this sector thereby raising their earning capacity and simultaneously realizing the export as well as domestic revenue potential in this sector.