The Government of Uttrakhand has undertaken the development of a unified Agriculture Portal for the benefits of the farmers comprising of entire life cycle of the crops, animal husbandry, fisheries, poultry including department applications and call centre to facilitate information to farmers. Taking further, the government has already launched the computerization of key departments to enable the provisioning of online services.


The ultimate goal of the Portal is to integrate agricultural community together for

  • Better production planning for farmers and other agricultural producers (cultured fish, poultry, etc,)
  • Providing solutions to Farmers for the Various problems they are facing with crops etc. (this can be online Video chat with the Pant Nagar University Professors/ can also be Email based call centre, or voice based call center) Advisory services through using IT Initiatives
  • Establishing a platform for commerce on the Internet to promote the regional economy and commerce.
  • Increasing regional sales by enabling local producers to reach out to other states in India (Domestic Market)
  • Greater investment throughout the economic area.
  • Creation of an Information platform for agriculture.
  • Provision of New sales channels over the Internet.
  • New: Related up-to-date news for the community (meteorology etc).
  • Direct access of small farmers to the market.
  • Good visibility under the shared virtual umbrella of the local region
  • Quick source of regional Information.
  • Added value through services such as an events calendar, news, chats, small ads, tourism and cinema.
  • Simple operation, purchasing and Information at the click of a mouse.
  • Good overview of the regional offering and greater familiarity with regional customs and suppliers