Drone Research & Development Centre


MoU between ITDA & National Technical Research Organization, Government of India, New Delhi was signed on 26.12.2017 for an initial period of 5 years. Objectives of the MoU are: -

1. Establishment of State of Art Centre for Drone Application & Research.

2. Establishment of High Tech Training facility for training of Drone pilots.

3. Set up technical facility to develop the capability of Drone Application in the fields of Forest Survey, Disaster Relief operation by police.

As per the MoU, NTRO will be setting up equipment for training & research, engaging personnel for research, development & training, whereas ITDA would be providing space of Approximately 2,000 sq.ft. with adequate furniture, Air conditioning, leased line for Internet connection and managing recurring expenditure & personnel on 24/7 basis for day to day manning of the facility & maintenance.

Development of this facility will lead to the enhancement of technical capability in the field of drone application for trainees & researchers. It will be training facility in a specialized field, being set up first time by NTRO in any state of country. Such facility will develop trainees for higher employability field & trainees can also be engaged by NTRO for the services in the field of Drone Applications.

Inauguration of Drone Training and Research Center by Hon'le CM, Uttarakhand had been done on 9th July 2018 and related work is in progress.



DARC Website: Having a website makes it very easy for people to find us, read up about our company, what wedo and answer a bunch of questions they have about our company. By having a website people will be able to find our company when they search for our company on a search engine like google, yahoo or bing.

Jamrani Dam: The objective of this project is to map 10 sq.km area in Nainital district of nearby villages affected by Jamrani Dam. 6 Villages of upstream will be submerged due to creation of reservoir and 9 villages of downstream will be partially affected due to the project. ● have prepared a cost estimation report for the Survey of Jamrani Dam.

 Swarm Drones: The objective of this project is to develop a Drone swarm that will work together, communicating with each other and assisting other members of the swarm in tasks to accomplish goals. Work is in progress.

Training Manual: The training manual has been designed in such a manner that trainees who will be attending the drone training at DARC will get structured information about the organisational set-up and all the topics covered during the training.  Training Manual has been drafted and work is in progress.

 UAV Advance Training syllabus: All the trainees who attended 1 week training initially at DARC will be applicable to attend the advance training workshop where they will be taught drone designing from scratch to drone flying.  Training syllabus has been drafted. Work is under progress.

Polytechnic syllabus: Polytechnic syllabus that is structured under DARC will be included in all the polytechnic colleges as a semester syllabus and detailed topics will be taught and covered by the faculties on “Drone Technology”.  Training syllabus has been drafted and is in progress.

UI Drone Permission Application: The purpose of this app is to allow Drone users to seek flying permission directly from the respective police station without any additional documentation Process. The App consists of three User Interfaces. 1.Personal Information Of the User. 2.Information Of the Drone For which the user is taking permission. 3.Information about the Area where Drone flight will take place. Work is in progress