Public Works Department


Application for Public Work Department




The Government of Uttarakhand has got developed a state of the art, thre tier/n tier strut based with service oriented architecture and single sign on portal for the state. This portal is envisaged to be the entry point for any one who is seeking interaction with any of the Government Departments in the State. The logical next step here is to computerize the backend i.e. workflow computerization and automation along with process reengineering to serve the citizens better. Keeping this objective in mind the Government has started with the computerization of various key departments to enable provisioning of online services like. Social welfare, Urban development, rural development, Public Works Department etc. this assignment is specifically for Development and Deployment of Project Management Application and Management Information System for Public Works Department for better delivery of services to he people and enhance the effectiveness, transparency and accountability in the processes of the government/departments.




The objective of the project is to effectively use IT infrastructure and Technology to develop and deploy Project Management Application and Management Information System to consolidate the activities and functioning of the Department. The Department plans to achieve4 the following;

  • Replacing discretion based decision making with a transparent, objective, effective and efficient process of decision making.
  • Reducing the cycle time of processes resulting in reduced turnaround time and faster delivery of services thus benefiting the citizen ultimately.
  • Reduction of cost, effort and time spent by the Government in the delivery of services.
  • Reducing paper work and bureaucratic procedures.
  • Consolidation of variety of data sources and channel length for improved quality of information.
  • Developing a comprehensive Decision Support System and Management Information System
  • Comprehensive data capturing at the point of generation itself to avoid an duplicity of efforts
  • Dissemination of information for variety of stakeholders like department itself, other construction agencies like REC, Mandir Parisad, Department Canes etc, other client departments, contractors, suppliers and citizens.