Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is becoming a major threat to the whole world. Its toxic emissions mixed with virgin soil and air and causing harmful effects to the entire bioscope either directly or indirectly. Direct impacts include the release of acids, toxic compounds including heavy metals, carcinogenic chemicals, and indirect effects such as biomagnification of heavy metals. Many organizations are involved in collecting, dismantling, separation, and exporting e-wastes for recyclers. E-waste management is a holistic approach and the founding pillar of cutting down waste from our mother earth. It is reusing and recycling e-waste which is no longer in use and can be solved for some of its components. We are on the verge of a technological breakthrough with the introduction of AI and we need to dispose of toxic e-waste from our home before we pile up more and more e-waste. We are in dire need of introducing a customer awareness campaign because of a lack of interest and knowledge regarding e-waste.


ITDA has come with a unique idea of using certain artifacts in order to use the e-waste materials. Many materials have been turned into worthy objects. Our innovative team members have brought a second life to this electronic waste. Artists creating beautiful artworks is the most valued talent, however, upcycling electronic waste into attractive art pieces is not only eco-friendly but a unique talent. Some unique artists, who create masterpieces out of electronic waste items like motherboards, CPUs, EPROMs, SMD radial capacitors, the laptop's LED display boards, discarded PCB boards, etc. have created these following reusable gadgets shown below:

ITDA has even organized various tech fests for designing an innovative working prototype of e-waste artifacts in order to make the city more aware of E-waste management. We as an organization believe in the slogan of “Never refuse to reuse” There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything it must go somewhere.

An open invitation is given to the students of Universities/Colleges, technocrats, academicians, scientists, Industry partners, potential entrepreneurs, and start-ups from all over India to prove that trash is not the right place for e-waste. More than 100+ entries have been registered so far, and prizes of Rs. 25,000/- and Rs. 15,000/- would be given to the first and second winners respectively on 15th August 2020. Apart from it, ITDA did follow the concept of cannibalization religiously and no harmful electronic product has been sold, even most e-waste is managed by a variety of ways, but at the heart of the process is the separation of materials. We as an innovative and environmentally friendly team tried to use as much of the electronic waste products we can use both formally as well as informally. The whole concept of our canteen is designed by recycling the old e-waste products so that we can create a healthy and safe environment and awareness regarding the proper reuse of e-waste.

We are trying to create an example for the state so that the Companies must adhere to health and safety rules and use pollution-control technologies that reduce the health and environmental hazards of handling e-waste. Since India is highly deficient in precious mineral resources (whereas untreated e-waste goes to landfill), there is a need for a well designed, robust, and regulated e-waste recovery regime which would generate jobs as well as wealth.

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