State Data Center

Uttrakhand State Data Centre (UKSDC) is set up under theNational e-Governance Plan (NeGP) for the state to consolidate services, applications and infrastructure to provide efficient electronic delivery of G2G, G2C and G2B services. These services can be rendered by the state through a common delivery platform seamlessly supported by core connectivity infrastructure such asState Wide Area Network(SWAN) and Common Service Centre (CSC) connectivity extended up to village level.

The Honorable Chief Minister of Uttrakhand, Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat on November 26, 2018, inaugurated UKSDC. The 3-tier State Data Centre has been developed on the Green Concept to reduce the use of electricity and increase efficiency. It is the first of its kind data-center in the country; with 100 per cent, software define Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Technology. It currently has 2.6-petabyte form of storage, which can be expanded up to 12 petabyte and current memory capacity is 11 TB.

UKSDC provides many functionalities and some of the key functionalities are Central Repository of the state, secure data storage, online delivery of services, citizen information/ services portal, state intranet portal, disaster recovery, remote management and service integration etc. UKSDC also provides better operation and management control and minimizes overall cost of data management, IT resource management, development and other costs.

UKSDC is built upon a floor area of about 20 x 21 sqft UKSDC has multilevel redundancies, security and scalability. The UKSDC has been integrated with the UKSWAN for providing access to the Information Systems hosted in the UKSDC to all the departments, DHQ, SHQ, THQ, BHQacross the State. UKSDC is ISO 27001 compliance capable. It also has a safe, secure, highly available power and cooling arrangements that is capable of accommodating 10 smart racks for High End Network & Securities related components. It also consists of High End Nutanix HCI servers under centralized and simplified management.

The UKSDC is powered through a separate dedicated power supply supported with multiple generator sets (n+1). A sturdy building management system with firefighting arrangements, water leak detection system, biometrics for access control, alarms & surveillance, rodent repellent, public address system etc. ensures safe and secure operation of UKSDC.

The UKSDC is designed with network infrastructure and equipped with multilevel security systems including intrusion prevention, network zoning and firewall.

The UKSDC is equipped with two different high-speed Internet service providers, ‘NKN’ and JIO with 1Gbps Bandwidth.

UKSDC provides N+N redundant uninterruptible power supply and a good amount of powerback up to cater all the IT infrastructure of the data center and network connectivity.

NUTANIX-HCI Servers infrastructure to cater to shared services over multiple OS platforms, viz. Windows, Linux, CENTOS and database management systems such as Oracle, MS SQL, POSTGRESQL and MYSQL etc. The basic infrastructure facilities include Power, Storage space, Local Area Network, Tape Library and SMART Rack space including In-Row cooling system to accommodate additional Servers in the server farm. Facility Management Services (FMS) as well as DCIM (Data Centre Infrastructure Manager) to monitor all the Non-IT related infrastructure. SDC having the EMS (Enterprise Management System) solution to monitor theroutine backup, continuous monitoring of security, servers, network devices, application and database services, immediate resolution of incidents are part and parcel of the 24 x 7 operational infrastructures.

UKSDC has over the past two years of experience in state data center operations and an impeccable record of accomplishment of giving services to its departments and citizens. UKSDC believes in passing on the benefits of strong Data Centre experience to client departments.

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Last Update: 18/02/2021