>>Use of multimedia in enhancing the learning with school students is a universal knowledge. Course curriculum taught with the help of multimedia immensely improves the productivity of students. Course taught with multimedia support have shown much higher percentage of pass results. Retention-rate of students in classes taught with multimedia has been much higher and dropout rates have come down. Keeping the above facts in mind, GoUA has embarked upon the task of creating multimedia course content for Mathematics & Science subjects for classes from 9th to 12th. The core concept is to make such a multimedia content available to all schools within the state for day-to-day learning. The project targets all Inter Colleges of Uttarakhand. A substantial number of which is in interiors. There are a number of CBSE and CISCE schools in public and private sectors. The entire course of any science or mathematics stream, which is being taught at secondary and higher secondary levels, is approximately covered in 200 contact hours in each subjects. Even if the number of contact hours between teachers and subjects increase or decrease, the fact remains that there is finiteness to it. Because of this finiteness of the system, it is possible to capture it in audio-visual format. This with include visual graphics to explain the concepts, clippings to illustrate applications and examples. These 200 contact hours can be captured using various available technologies in the form of Library of Learning Objects which can then be run using available players and according to the option chosen by the user. This will also lead to self paced learning. This being so, Uttarakhand process to create a subject and topic wise IT enabled learning objects to have the entire subject coverage for senior-secondary as well as secondary level in a format which should be interesting, detailed (covering the syllabus end to end) and be able to enhance conceptual knowledge of the subjects uniformly. The content should be effectively used to bridge gap between active learning and passive teaching and make learning a more interesting and enriching experience. It is also proposed that we should not make if for any one of the syllabi of CBSE,CISE or the various states boards running in India. Rather, it should be an integrated coverage that will be subject and topics based and include a number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and interesting facts about the subject. The influence of such IT enabled programs is enormous on the users: the students. The teachers will also gain a lot through such programs and can be made aware of the recent advances in the subjects. Once the program is produced, it can also be updated time to time to include recent topics at almost no additional cost. The Government of Uttarakhand has received a Grant from the International Development Agency, being administered by the World Bank, towards the cost of “e-Class” Development of IT enabled course curriculum in Science and Mathematics for class 9th to 12th Project. The objective of the project is to utilize the available technology for creating audio-visual and interactively based course curriculum as an effective edge to teaching as well as up-gradation of teachers among population in the rural/urban areas of Uttarakhand State in India (the Project Area). In pursuance of the above, PMU/ITDA e-Governance shall, inter alia, be providing IT based classroom teaching school students through an innovative concept of e-Class and using IT enabled Course Curriculum Material, which is now emerging as an effective tool for imparting education. Objectives: The objective of the project is as follows: "Procure, develop, supply and install interactive IT enabled Course Curriculum contents covering Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and Mathematics, in both English and Hindi language. The contents should cover the combined syllabus prescribed by Government of Uttarakhand’s Board, CBSE and CISE, for the school students of Uttarakhand studying in class 9th to 12th." Course Status: Final CD’s after audit has been received from the consultant and is being sent to the Directorate School Education for further distribution in pilot schools and DIET....

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Last Update: 18/02/2021